Fresh thinking for smart decisions:

A lack of vision and a “Band-Aid” approach to decision-making has resulted in missed opportunities and inequities in our educational system.  I pledge to bring a new focus on long-term, creative and data-driven solutions for the challenges facing our schools today.



We must move beyond “crisis management mode” and put our students, academic quality, fiscal responsibility, and our core values of  diversity and accountability at the forefront of decisions.

My priorities are to:

  • Outline a vision for a future APS of 40,000 students.
  • Develop a long-range master plan and ensure Schools are an integral component of the County’s planning;
  • Initiate planning for an additional comprehensive high school.
  • Maximize use of current facilities and maximize cost-efficiency of future facilities.
  • Employ strategic decision-making, considering how individual decisions may impact other issues or concerns when determining the best course of action.



We must employ every tool at our disposal and adopt new approaches to minimize achievement disparities between student groups and between schools.

To ensure that every student in Arlington receives an education of comparable quality and opportunity, I pledge to strive for:

  • Parity in course offerings and enrichment activities across schools;
  • A full range of instruction to engage all students at every level in each school;
  • Flexible planning factors to provide necessary resources and to increase the ability to respond to individual schools’ changing needs;
  • Expansion of preschool opportunities for economically disadvantaged families;
  • Implementation of longitudinal studies and data analyses to evaluate effectiveness of instructional initiatives; and
  • Looking at new approaches such as pre-first grade classrooms, collaboration with County programs, and partnerships with public and private enterprises.



In order to fulfill our commitment to educating “the whole child” and our mission to “prepare students to be responsible and global citizens,” I will devote my efforts to strengthen ties among students across Arlington and provide opportunities for an array of diverse academic and social experiences.

We can achieve this through:

  • Academic partner schools;
  • PTA collaborations;
  • Instruction centers for select subjects; and
  • Elevating socioeconomic diversity as a factor in admissions and boundary policies.



We must strengthen our use of data and data analysis, and ensure our investments of time, money, and human resources are achieving what they are intended to achieve.

I will bring greater transparency and efficiency to the use of financial resources through:

  • Providing easily-accessible, standardized presentation of public data in user-friendly formats;
  • Implementing clearly defined goals and specific performance measures for initiatives and programs; and
  • Creating an integrated network of school, County, community, and business sector resources.