Chris Ditta, current President, County Council of PTAs:

“I have worked with Maura advocating for students for the past six years.  Maura has the kind of integrity that I want on the School Board…She is fueled by a very strong belief and desire that every child has the opportunity to achieve his/her potential, and that it is the responsibility of our community and public education system to do everything it can to help that happen. 

Megan Haydasz, APS Advisory Council on Instruction, TJ Working Group, South Arlington Working Group, BLPC Chair for new elementary school:

“Through our joint participation on several recent committees dealing with school capacity and related countywide issues, Maura demonstrated to me that she has the creative mindset and big-picture perspective to lead our school system toward the long-term solutions that will best serve all of Arlington’s children.”

Sarah Waldman:  “I’ve seen Maura in action in our school PTA and on broader issues that are important to all of Arlington. I have always been impressed by her creative thinking, her generous spirit, her willingness to listen and consider opposing viewpoints, and her aggressive advocacy on behalf of Arlington’s students. She would be an incredible asset to this community on the School Board.”

Lois Koontz, APS Facilities Advisory Council, past Civic Federation executive board:  “I am delighted that my friend and neighbor Maura has thrown her hat in the ring for school board.  Maura has a good heart and consistently uses fact-based analysis and strong moral convictions to guide her views.  When Maura has seen an issue that needs addressing, she has not shrunk from the challenge.  She takes the long view for the future of our entire community.  I trust Maura to find the best answers for Arlington schools.”

Katherine Novello:  “Maura is a dedicated and conscientious member of our community.  She has the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions, even under difficult circumstances.  I trust Maura implicitly to do what is fair and right, to balance competing interests without losing sight of the reason behind the work:  the students.  I am confident Maura will work to maximize each student’s potential, and make a great school system even better.”

Dennis Jaffe, community activist:  “Maura personifies exactly the qualities I think are most important to be an Arlington School Board member.  She has core values and lets you know where she’s coming from.  She’s also open-minded and listens respectfully to different views.  She’s sharp and thorough.  Most important, she’s thoughtful, principled, and fair-minded when she makes decisions.”

Wesley Joe, APS Advisory Council on Instruction:  “This school board desperately needs fresh thinking and more courage to lead. Fresh thinking because the old, stale, highly reactive ways of doing business have neglected long-term challenges that continue to grow. More courageous leadership because these tough challenges won’t address themselves, and no individual alone makes significant positive changes in Arlington. Real change happens only when people come together and push hard. Maura has served in leadership roles in many school-related community efforts. She brings people together, and together they accomplish things with broad impact, like the South Arlington Working Group, etc. That’s what Arlington needs. That’s why she has my strong support.”

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